The effect of some agrotechnical factors on quantity and quality of garlic grow for a bunch harvest
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Author: Rekowska, Ewa; Jurga-Szlempo, Barbara
In the conducted experiment the effect of covers application (perforated foil, white polypropylene non-woven) and method of clove planting ( in rows - one clove per point, two cloves per point and 3 cloves per point_ of Polish garlic cultivar Jarus was estimated. The cloves were planted in the first 10 days of April, at planting density 20x6 cm. Significantly higher yield of garlic was obtained when plants were grown under flat covers. Coincidentally, better productive effects were obtained when 3 cloves were planted per point. Moreover, it was proved that planting 2 and 3 cloves per point had a significant effect on higher plant weight, including leaves weight, in comparison with traditional planting method (planting 1 clove per point).