Стопанска продуктивност на полски пипер след приложение на листно подхранване
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Author: Filipov, Stoyan; Kostadinov, Kostadin
The experiment has been carried out during the period 2007 - 2008 at the region of Kavarna (Bulgaria) in a field production condition. The investigation was made with the Kurtovska Kapia pepper cultivar as a mid-field production planted at the end of May. The following foliar fertilizer was tested: Hortigrow, Grogreen, and Kristalon in several variants. The productivity as an early and total yield was determined. The highest yield of green (2381,7 kg/da) and red (4351,3 kg/da) pepper was obtained when applying soil fertilizer in rate N24P12K12 in combination with foliar fertilizer Kristalon.