Evaluation and management of genetic resources of Solanaceae family
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Author: Krasteva, Liliya; Neykov, Stefan; Velcheva, Nikolaya
Until now 2666 Solanaceae accessions are collected and stored in Genebank IPGR - Sadovo. From the 980 studied tomato accessions are selected such with resistance to mildrew, altrnaria, white spots and bacteriosis. Ten cultivars originated from the USA and Israel are with complex resistance to mildrew and alternaria. The evaluation of 570 paper accessions showed that 8 cultivars from Germany and 1 from Spain are with a high content of vit. C. Interesting for plant breeding is also the local accessions, resistible to mildrew and verticillium. From the 234 introduced eggplant accessions are selected cultivars with early ripeness thigh productivity and resistance to mildrew and verticillium.