Influence of mineral fertilization on productivity of the three-field succession of crops
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Author: Nankov, Monko
The survey was conducted during 2006 - 2008 year in the experimental field of the Research Institute - Kneja the following three-field rotation, grain maize, spring three wheat. Tested the impact of levels of mineral fertilisers: N16P11K11 kg/da and N32P22K22 kg/da and one don`t fertilise control N0P0K0 kg/da on the productivity of rotation. Found that compared with don`t fertilise control, fertilisation N16P11K11 kg/da increases the yield of grain and energy and 24,42% and 23,77% and twice N32P22K22 kg/da with 38,87% and 30,16%. Effect of 1 kg mineral fertilisers in receipt of 36,62 Mj unit for N16P11K11 kg/da and 8,77 Mj for twice the rate of fertilising N32P22K22 kg/da.