Effect of Tissue cultivation on behaviour of raspberry plants of cultivar Shopska Alena
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Author: Georgieva, Mariya; Kondakova, Violeta; Georgiev, Diyan
This study was a comparison between growth and reproductive characteristics of the raspberry plants of cv. Shopska alena propagated in a classical way and by the tissue culture method. The scientific experiment was carried out in the 2005 - 2007 period in an experimental plantation of IMSA, town of Troyan. Shopska alena is one of the main cultivars in our country distinguished for resistance to temporary heats and droughts and for that reason it was chosen as a model (st) of our studies. Elements of the technology for microclonal propagation were observed by assessing the effect of the used explant and concentration of growth regulators on behaviour of rooted and adapted in vitro propagated plants. It was found that in the first year after planting in field conditions the vegetative and reproductive characteristics were in favour of the traditionally propagated plants and in the next years the tissue cultivated plants were superior to the controls in all variants.