Possibilities for efficient use of area in a young intensive plum plantation with some new cultivar - rootstock combinations
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Author: Stefanova, Boryana
The study was conducted in the 2005 - 2008 period in the region of IMSA Troyan. This work presents preliminary results of a study with the plum cultivars Stanley, Hanita, Jojo and Cacanska Lepotica engrafted on the rootstocks Brompton, GF 655-2, SJ A, Wavit, Wangenheim, and P. cerasifera included in a cultivar-rootstock trial under a dense planting design - 147 trees per da. Parameters of initial fruiting of the cultivar-rootstock combinations were determined. The highest yields per tree were obtained from cultivar Jojo grafted on the rootstock GF 655-2, Wavit and P. cerasifera, which attained the earliest and high yields and the rootstocks Wavit and GF 655-2 were distinguished as very suitable to reduce the plum tree size and inducing early beginning of fruiting, which makes them promising for intensive fruit production in mountain conditions.