Characteristics of fruits of cultivars Tegera, Hanita, Jojo grafted on rootstocks SJ A and Fereley
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Author: Dragoyski, Kalin; Stefanova, Boryana, Dinkova, Hristina
The study was conducted in the 2005 - 2008 period in a demonstration plum field of IMSA Troyan. Results of a comparative test of fruits of the plum cultivars Tegera, Hanita, Jojo and the rootstock SJ A and Fereley are presented. The effect of the rootstocks on fruit quality was recorded. It was found that the rootstock Fereley increased the yield to the greatest extent in Tegera and Hanita. In the period of initial fruiting, the highest yields were obtained from cv. Jojo (33,8% and 24,09% higher than Hanoita and Tegera, respectively.) Fruit weight and size were influenced to the greatest extent by tree loading and climatic conditions during ripening and to a smaller extent by the rootstock.