Agrobiological investigation of seedless vine cultivars
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Author: Roytchev, Venelin; Grigorova, Filka; Botianski, Pavel; Ruseva, Ruska
An agrobiological investigation of seedless vine cultivars grown in the region of Novo selo - 25 km to the south-west of Plovdiv, has been carried out. It has been established that technological maturity of the grapes of Sultanina, Russalka, Early Superior Seedless, Early Seedless and Flame Seedless is reached predominantly in the middle and the second half of August, while in Russalka 1 - at the beginning of September. Actual fertility indices characterise the studied cultivars as slightly fertile and possessing a comparatively low percentage of fruiting shoots, low fertility coefficient and yield per vine. The studied cultivars are typical table varieties characterised by a low percentage of clusters and a high percentage of berries and mesocarp. The grapes of Russalka 1 and Early Superior Seedless are suitable mainly for direct consumption, while the grapes of all remaining cultivars - for raisin production.