Heterosis display in hybrid lines of Virginia tabacco, related to some basic biometric indexes
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Author: Drumeva-Yoncheva, Marina; Dimanov, Dimitar; Zaprianova, Penka
The study was carried out in 2006 - 2007 at the field of the Tabacco and Tabacco Products Institute - Markovo. Four introduced varieties of Virginia tobacco and their two F1 hybrids were investigated for the following characters: plant height, length and width of the middle leaf. The aim of the investigation was to study the heterosis effect for the above-mentioned characters in the progeny of F1 generation and to estimate the inheritance of the major biometric indexes, determining the yield. Overdominant inheritance was established of the features height of the plant and the width and the length of the 14 leaf in K326xЛ825. The highest heterosis effect compared to the better parent was established regarding the length and width of 14 leaf in both hybrids.