Determination of manganese in plant samples
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Author: Kostova, Denka
Manganese is one of the microelements which are actively absorbed by plants. The biological coefficient for manganese is greater than those for the other microelements in this group /Zn, Cu, Mo, Ni, Co, Pb/. The formation of the plant mass depends on the manganese provision for the plants. Manganese takes part in a number of important physiological and biological processes in the lower and higher plant organisms - in the nitrogen metabolism, photosynthesis, breathing and maintaining the needed oxidation-reduction conditions in the cell. The optimal content of manganese, its critical level and toxic concentration at which the growth is depressed and yield decreased, have been established for a great number of crops. Various methods for determination of manganese have been published. Analyses with some reagents are used. The present study is intended to clear up the effect of a prolonged fertilisation (mineral and organic) on the manganese content in radishes using a new extraction - photometric method with Crystal Violet for determination of manganese. To show that the triphenylmethane dye Crystal Violet which we used for the first time, can be applied to the analysis of managnese in plant material.