Effect of fertilisation on the content of magnesium in tomatoes
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Author: Kostova, Denka; Boteva, Hriska
In the conditions of intensive farming, the interest towards the micro- and macro elements promptly increases. The attention is pointed towards the occurring changes in their content in the system soil-plants. Along with a clarification of their influence upon the nutrition of plants, it is a great interest their accumulation in the separate parts of plants- rhizome, stems, leaves and fruit. Magnesium belongs to the group of biogenic or macro elements. In the shortage of this element, plants cannot finish their vegetative and reproductive stage of their life - cycle. It is proved that magnesium ions activate enzymes that take part in the transfer of energy from one system to another in the plant organism. Magnesium is one of the elements which are actively absorbed by plants. The aims of the present research are to study the influence of the level of potassium, the form of the potassium fertiliser in the soil upon the content of magnesium in the stems and leaves of tomatoes.