Effect of fertilisation on the chromium content in vegetable species
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Author: kamburova, Mary
The studies of the setting in changes in the content of the microelements are of a particular interest. Some of these studies are directed to clarifying the effect of fertilisation upon the content of the microelements in plants and productivity of plants under influence of foliar fertiliser. The interest in chromium, a poorly microelement, has also grown recently. As is known, the chromium content in plants is low. Studies of the content of this element in 135 plant samples from 29 botanical families showed that, with the exception of one of these samples, the chromium content was 0.01 to 0.1 ppm in their dry mass. The aims of the present research are to study the influence of the level of fertilisation in the soil upon the content of chromium in headed cabbage and spinach. To establish the chromium content in the plants.