Dynamics of fertility and structure of yield of tomatoes in depending on cu;ltivar and fertilisation
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Author: Mitova, Ivanka; Kancheva, Radka
An experiment with tomatoes (Licopersicon esculentum) - middle-early production was performed on an Alluvial-meadow soil (Fluvisol FAO) in Tsalapitsa, Plovdiv district. The investigation was done with three tomato cultivars: Precos - F1, Bakini and Pink Charm. The influence of fertilisation with equivalent quantities organic and mineral fertiliser on reproduction and structure of yields was examined. The structure of the yields varies between 42,4% and 56,6 % for vegetative yield and between 43,5 % and 57,6 % for the fruit. According to the highest obtained yield of fruit, the Bakini cultivar fertilised with mineral fertiliser formed the biggest fresh and air-dry vegetative yield.