Evaluation and management of collections of cucurbitaceae family in IPGR - Sadovo
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Author: Krasteva, Liliya; Neykov, Stefan; Velcheva, Nikolaya
During the period 1978 - 2008, 848 local and 1494 introduced accessions were included in the Cucurbita collection in IPGR - Sadovo.The introduced accessions are mainly from the USA, the Netherlands, Russia, Israel and Taiwan. The resistance of the accessions to powder mildrew, moldrew, bacteriosis, fusarium and atraknosis was studied. Without any fusarium infection are the melon accessions: 98 - 001 and 99 - 015 from Israel. With high resistance / to 20%/ are A1 /062/ Israel/, A1/095/Turkey/ and 578/ The Netherlands/. Less sensible to the powder mildrew are 85 cucumber accessions, to the mildrew - 88 and to bacteriosis - 54, mainly with Asian origin.