Productivity of durum wheat variety Vuzhod drown on industrally contaminated soils
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Author: Kolev, Tanko
In 2002 - 2005 an experiment was conducted at the field of the Plant for Production the Non - Ferrous Metals, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. There was tested new variety durum wheat Vuzhod grown on industrially contaminated soils. The experiments were in block method in four replicates. The plots were 15 m2. I was established that variety Vuzhod produced yield 4466 kg/ha with 353 kg/ha ( 7,9%) the less yield of grow on industrially contaminated soils than grow at the field for researches of Plant Production Department in Agricultural University - Plovdiv with no contaminated soils. The harvest of durum wheat grown on industrially contaminated soils were with 253 kg/ha ( 6,8%) to 471 kg/ha (8,8%) the less yield.