Investigation of the possibilities for chemical control of bean rust in Bulgaria
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Author: Beleva, Magdalena; Kiryakov, Ivan; Penchev, Emil
The investigations were carried out at Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute - General Toshevo during 2007 - 2008. The efficiency of the following fungicides was tested against common bean rust in artificial background: Bravo 500, Quadris 25 CK, Artea 330EK, Falcon 460EK, Falcon sussecsor. Variety Helis, susceptible to the pathogen, was sown in trial plots of 8 m2 each in three replicates. Six treatments were performed at 7-day intervals. Artea 330 EK and Falcon sussecsor had the highest efficiency during the two years if investigation 9from 100 to 99,9%) followed by Quadris 25CK and Falcon 460EK. The treatment of the crop with Quadris 25CK and Falkon 460EK lead to statistically significant yield increase. Fungicide Artea 330EK caused phytotoxicity on variety Helis.