Dynamic of protective characteristics of carp blood serum (Cyprinus carpio L.)
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Author: Atanasova, Raina
Based on the experimental data obtained from the blood serum of one and two-year old carps it was found that there are three clearly determined tendencies in the bactericide activity namely - a period of decreasing with values in the range 25.4 - 29.5 % which is observed in the end of spring and the beginning of summer, a period of increasing from 62.3% to 74.0% in September and October and a period of relatively stable values in the range from 60.4% to 46.28% starting in November till April. Lysosime activity shows low values in the summer ( 2.31%) and higher values in the autumn ( 7.65 - 15.97%). Lysosime activity is found in 23.2% of the samples of one-year-old carp and in 39.6% of the samples of two-year-old carp. The values for total protein and total lipids of carp blood serum decrease in the spring (March-April - TP - 23.0 - 28.6 g.l-1; TL - 6.0 - 5.9 g.l-1) and increase in the autumn (October - November - TP - 40.0 - 50.0 g.l-1; TL - 7.5 - 11.0 g.l-1).