Investigation of pharmacokinetics on marker active metabolite - 4-methylamino-antipyrin (4-MAA) after injection in pigs with drug form Analginvet, containing methamizole
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Author: Dimitrova, D; Dimitrov, D; Tzoneva, D.
4-methylamino-antipyrin (4-MAA) pharmacokinetics was investigated in 6 pigs ( 3 female and 3 male) after intramuscular injection of methamisole (Analginvet 50 % - injection solution) at a dose 25 mg/kg body weight. The plasma concentration of 4-methylamino-antipyrin was determined using high-performance liquid chromatography with UV-detection. The blood concentration of 4-MAA was calculated with a compartmental and noncompartmental method using pharmacokinetic computer software (TopFit, v. 2.0.).