Content of protein and wet and dry gluten in the grain of triticum durum wheat (Triticum durum desf.) varieties depending on nitrogen fertilisation
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Author: Semkova, Nadezhda; Terziev, Zhivko; Saldzhiev, Ivan
A field experiment was carried out on the experimental field of Cotton and Durum Wheat Research Institute, Chirpan, during the period 2004 - 2007 the following varieties were studied: Progres, Neptun 2, Beloslava, Saturn 1 and Vazhod under norms of nitrogen fertilisation - N0, N6, N12, N18 kg/da. The results indicate that application of high nitrogen norms of fertilisation has positive influence over the protein content in grain. Vozhod variety can be determined as the variety with higher protein content (N18 - 18.23%). On average, for the period of carrying out the research Vozhod variety can be ranked first with regards to wet and dry content in the grain yield.