Effect of different fertilizing systems on productivity and N, P & K taken up from brewing barley variety Kamenica
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Author: Tomov, Tony; Rachovski, Ginio; Yordanova, Nedialka
The effect of different fertilizing systems on productivity and nutritional uptake from brewing barley variety Kamenica, grown on medaw soil Plovdiv region was studed. The studded fertilizing systems were: 1. unfertilized; 2. N4P7,5K5; 3. N8P7,5K5; 4. N12P7,5K5; 5. 6 t/da manure + NP; 6. N8P0K5; 7. N8P7,5K0. The different fertilizing systems led to different yield increasing from 56,6 to 171,7 % in comparison with unfertilizes variant. The nitrogen fertilization had crucial effect on the yield. The exclusion of phosphorus from mineral fertilizing system decreased barley productivity average with 78,3 % in comparison with analogy system but phosphorus ensured. The exclusion of potassium had not effect on barley productivity. The fertilized plants were taken up from 6,8 to 13,9 kg N/da, from 1,2 to 4,7 kg P2O5/da, from 4,8 to 13,1 kg K2O/da. The brewing barley variety Kamenica up take from 2,25 to 3,30 kg N, from 0,6 to 1,2 kg P2O5, from 1,85 to 3,28 kg K2O for formation of 100 kg main production. [BG]