Change of the use of the agricultural lands for own non-agricultural needs
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Author: Ilieva, Tania
The article observed the administrative procedure for changing the use of the agricultural lands, envisaged by the law of preservation of the agricultural lands and other regulations. The circle of the juridical subjects is described, who initiate the start of the procedure - physical or legal persons, owners of the land. The term agricultural lands is explained, the criteria for categorization of the lands and the cases envisaged by the law, that these lands may be joined to the borders of the living areas and construction may be carried out on these lands. The legal prerequisites for realization of the procedure are pointed down, as well as the authorities empowered to give permission for carrying out the desired change and their powers. Special attention is paid to the essence of the normative acts that are enacted for changing the use of the agricultural lands and the official methods for their appeal, amendment or cancellation. At the end, the state fees that are to be paid are listed. [BG]