The entomophages of the family Scelionidae ( Hymenoptera, Platygastroidea) in the apple plantation of the Agricultural University - Plovdiv II. Tribus Teleasini (Subfamily Teleasinae)
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Author: Petrov, Stancho
In the research made in 2007, there were 4 species established of the Genus Teleas, and 7 species of the Genus Trimorus. Trimorus arenicola (Th.) was new to the fauna in Bulgaria. The following 4 species of Teleas: T. sibiricus Kieff., T. quinquespinosus Sb., T. rugosus Kieff., and T. lamellatus Sb., and 5 species of Trimorus: T. medon Walk., T. producta (Th.), T. puncticollis (Th.), T. pallidimanus ( Kieff.), and T. algicola (Kieff.) were new to the apple plantations in the region of Plovdiv. [BG]