The entomophages of the family Scelionidae ( Hymenoptera, Platygastroidea) in the apple plantation of the Agricultural University - Plovdiv III. Tribus Telenomini ( Subfamily Telenominae) - genus Trissolcus aschmead
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Author: Petrov, Stancho
In the research made in 2007, there were 14 species established of the Genus Trissolcus Aschm. The species of Trissolcus tumidus (May.) was new to the fauna in Bulgaria; 5 species: Tr. viktorovi Kozl., tr. choaspes Nix., Tr. vassilievi (May.), Tr. festivae (Vikt.) and Tr. pseudoturesis (Rjach.), were new to the fauna of the fruit plantations in Bulgaria. The other 8 species: Tr. flavipes Th., Tr. volgensis ( Vikt.), Tr. simony (May.), Tr. scutellaris (Th.), Tr. grandis (Th.), Tr. semistriatus (Ne.), Tr. djadetschko (Rjach.) and Tr. rufiventris (May.), were new to the apple plantations in the region of Plovdiv. [BG]