Economic effectiveness of leaf feeding of eggplant variety "Patladjan 12"
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Author: Kostadinov, Kostadin; Borisov, Peter
There was implemented an experiment to establish the influence of foil and leaf fertilizers to the level of productivity of eggplants variety "Patladjan 12". The experiment was implemented on experimental field of faculty Horticulture, Agricultural University of Plovdiv, during the period 2004 - 2006. The choice of this variety was purposely made it because of following reasons: this variety is native and there were traditions of growing it in our country over 60 years; the climate and foil conditions are suitable for its biological requirements. There was obtained preliminary analysis to examine the levels of foil reserve with nutrition. Also, there were reviewed articles published on the problem - the influence of fertilizers to the levels of average yield and quality of fruits. The research was established on the scheme of different proportion between N, K and P, their concentration and kinds of fertilizers. There was used a block method in four different repetitions as following variants: 1. var. NPK - control; 2. var. N12P6K6 - background; 3. var. N24P12K12 - background; 4. var. Control + Fitona 1 ( N6.6P4.0K5.1Fe0.01B0.15); 5. var. Control + Hortigrow universal ( N20P20K20); 6. var. Control + Agroleaf total ( N20P20K20); 7. var. Control + Kristalon special ( N18P18K18Mg3); 8. var. N12P6K6 + Fitona 1 ( N6.6P4.0K5.1Fe0.01B0.15); 9. var. N12P6K6 + Hortigrow universal (N20P20K20); 10. var. N12P6K6 + Agroleaf total (N20P20K20); 11. var. N12P6K6 + Kristalon special (N18P18K18Mg3); 12. var N24P12K12 + Fitona 1 (N6.6P4.0K5.1Fe0.01B0.15);13. var. N24P12K12 + Hortigrow universal (N20P20K20); 14. var. N24P12K12 + Agroleaf total (N20P20K20); 15. var. N24P12K12 + Kristalon special (N18P18K18Mg3). The plants were grown as middle early field production. They were planted in the middle of May in the scheme - 100 + 60 x 35. The purpose of research is to be estimated the influence of leaf nutrition with fertilizers and if they could compensate the reduced levels of foil nutrition with foil fertilizers also to be estimated the economic effectiveness of different variations of used fertilizers. To estimate the economic effectiveness there have been used following indicators: average yields, cost-price, net income and rentability of production. Material and labour costs were estimated as factual quantity of expenditures. The result shows that in variant 15 N24P12K12 + Kristalon special (N18P18K18Mg3) the average yields are pushed to the limits. The maximum average yield is 4 616,45kg/da. This is an increasing of 42,26%. The cost price reaches its minimum in var. 7. Control + Kristalon special (N18P18K18Mg3). The proportion material: labour costs is 65 : 33. This shows that production of eggplants is action which requires a lot of labour resources. The highest value of net income is obtained in var. 15 N24P12K12 + Agroleaf total (N20P20K20). In this variant, the net income is 228.79 lv/da. The highest rentability of production is in var. 4. Control + Fitona 1 ( N6.6P4.0K5.1Fe0.01B0.15) - 43,17%. The conclusion of this research is that the harvest of eggplant significantly was influenced of leaf and foil nutrition. The average yields were obtained high values in variants of productions using leaf fertilizers as Fitona, Agroleaf, Kristalon, Hortigrow. Leaf fertilizers are cheap then foil fertilizers. The highest influence of using fertilizers were estimated when there have been used combination of leaf and foil fertilizers. [BG]