Automated processing of the soil moisture observation in NIMH
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Author: Shopova, Nadezhda
In the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) there is a network with 31 agro-meteorological stations and 71 phenological posts. The data for more than 200 indicators ( the parameters plants surface and crops status like a height of plants, density of crops, elements of productivity, main phases of growth, damages recorded from biotic and abiotic factors, etc.) is collected using conventional methods. This includes registration of agrometeorological activities ( ploughing, sowing, fertilizing, irrigation); parameters of the soil surface measurement ( blanket of snow-substance and height, soil temperature, dynamic of the soil moisture in 100 cm and 200 cm depth at a interval of 10 cm in 1 m and at a interval of 20 cm in the second one. In agro-station Plovdiv there is an automatic station for recording soil moisture levels. The purpose of this publication is to evaluate the station's work and to give suggestions for its further use in the information system of NIMH. [BG]