Yield and quality indices of fruits of middle early pepper after photodiode irradiation of seeds
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Author: Cholakov, Dimitar; Stoilov, Yosif
During the period 2003 - 2004 yield experiments were carried out. Seed from pepper cv. Kurtovska kapia 1619, were irradiated with photodiode kwazi - monochromatic light at wave length 682 nm and desity of optical power 80 mW/cm2 by variants of exposition 1 min, 3 min and 5 min. It was established that in result of irradiation the early and total yield of plants were increased. The early yield was the highest after 3 min exposition of irradiation, and the total yield - after 5 min exposition of irradiation. The growth in comparison with the control was respectively 42,1 and 20,3 %. The seed irradiation provoked an increase of average weight of fruits enhanced the control of sugars and ascorbic acide and decreased the content of nitrates. [BG].