Study on the dynamics of formation of total phenols (TP), anthocyanins (AC) and sugars in the grape berry skin of Mavrud cultivar after treatment with phytohormones
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Author: Raptis, Dimitrios
The aim of the study was to establish the effect of the action of the separate application of the ethylene releasing chemical ethrel and the combined application of ethylene and phytohormones on the directly reducing sugars, total phenols (TP) and anthocyanins (AC) in the grape berry skin of Mavrud cultivar. Polyphenols in fruits and vegetables belong to the so-called natural antioxidant. Due to their capacity to prevent or reduce the harmful effect of the free radicals in the human organism, they have been an object of many studies. The investigation was carried out in 2005 - 2006 with one of the major local grapevine cultivars used for the production of top quality red wines - Mavrud - grown in the most suitable region for its cultivation - the village of Brestnik, Plovdiv district. The study showed that the most favorable effect in the accumulation of the studied components in the grape berry skin was exerted by the simultaneous treatment with the combined chemical and ethrel. [BG].