Influence of soil cultivation on some physical and physical-mechnical characteristics
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Author: Nankov, Monko
The experience was taken during 2001 - 2004 year on the experimental field in Maize Research Institute - Kneja on soil - typical chernozem. Analysis receiving results show that in the end rotary, average about 0 - 40 cm compactness of soil g/cm3 in crease with o,19 g/cm3, 0, 13g/cm3; 0,7 g/cm3 and 0,9 g/cm3, and total soil`s air decrease with 7,08%, 4,81%, 3,95% and 3,58% about systems A1, A2, A3, A4. Soil`s hardness kg/cm2 change depending on soil cultivation and its moisture. In the end rotary hardness phase in the soil increase main at expense moisture content. Gaseous phase decrease for systems A1 and A4, and for A2 and A3 its ceep persistent in comparison with starting facts. [BG].