Phenotype traits and grain yield elements of the maize hybrids KN 625 and KN M 625 in different plants density
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Author: Valkova, Valentina
During 2004 - 2005 years in the fields at Maize Research Institute - Knezha on soil type - typical black earth and without irrigation, were conducted the trails with two of the most currency used maize hybrids KN 625 and KN M 625. The hybrids were tested under plants density 4 000plant/da, 5 000plant/da, 5 600 plant/da and 6 000 plant/da. The effect of the factor on the drowth, development and grain yield elements of the two hybrids is investigated. The received results show that the plant's density influence on plants height, but this is most strongly expressed after the phase tasselling of maize and with augmentation on plans density decrease the individual productivity of the plants. [BG].