Combining ability of medium late inbred maize lines for grain yield
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Author: Petrovska, Nataliya; Genova, Ivanka
In the partial system of diallel crosses by Savtchenko are involved 10 medium late maize lines with different origins - Stiff Stalk Synthetic and Lancaster. Highest general combining ability (GSA) for grain yield has the lines ФМ 4618, ХМ 4597, ХМ 4558 and КС 4532. They can be used as a component of medium late synthetic as well as testers for analyse of GCA of lines in earlier generations. With high SCA are the lines ФХМ 4614, ХМ 87/136, ФМ 4618 and Мо 17, which could be used directly in the heterosis breeding for developing of high yield medium late hybrids. The best crosses are continue in concurs and ecological trails. [BG].