Inheritance of quantative characters in some maize hybrids
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Author: Ilchovska, Mima
Between 2005 and 2006 in the Maize Research Institute - Kneja are investigated the manifestation of heterosis and the degrees of dominance in F1 and F2 of the hybrids Kn 689 Б, KN 611, Kn 613, Kn 625, Kn 683A based on the traits: plant high, length of the ear and number of seeds per ear. It is established that the inheritance of the traits occurs in a clearly expressed positive heterosis and depression. There is certain variation depending on the year of growing. Analyse of the degrees of dominations in F1 and F2 based on the investigated traits shows that the manifestations of heterosis are due to overdominance, epistasis and dominance of the respective conditions of growing. [BG].