Biological export of nutrient elements by the yield of garden peas cultivars
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Author: Cholakov, Dimitar
The biological export of nutrient elements - N, P and K by the yield of garden peas cvs. Iskar, Pulpudeva, Mira, Vjatovo, Wolf, Skinado and Undine in the course of three years on meadow slightly solonzate soil was studied. The quality of nutrient substances taken up from the soil depended on the cultivar and in the case of a yield of fruits from 9 510 to 12 560 kg/ha varied within the range of 155,2 - 204,2 kg/ha N; 38,0 - 60,0 kg/ha P2O5 and 93,7 - 139,9 kg/ha K2O. Highest quantity of nitrogen was taken up by cv. Mira, phosphorus - by cv. Vjatovo and potassium - by cv. Skinado. An average of 16,33 kg N, 4,65 kg P2O5 and 10,88 kg K2O were necessary for the formation of 1 t production by the cultivars studied. [BG].