In vitro propagation of plum cultivars
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Author: Kornova, Krastina; Popov, Stamen
One of the major problems in the plum crop is related to the occurrence of Sharka viral disease (Plum pox virus), which belongs to the economically important diseases in our country. It is a limiting factor for the distribution and growing of different plum cultivars having valuable economic and biological characteristics. In that relation, in vitro propagation enables the rapid production of great amounts of virus-free planting material that is difficult to be achieved by conventional methods. The basic aim of the study carried out was the development of the technological parameters for micro propagation of 5 plum cultivars. The factors for the successful transfer of the cultures to in vitro conditions were established, as well as the suitable nutrient media at the stages of multiplication and rooting and the characteristics of adapting the micro propagated plants to non-sterile conditions. [BG].