Problems related to pllution of the river Topolovska crossing the protected area Chinar Dere
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Author: Valtcheva, Ekaterina; Popov, Vladislav
A set of 5 - 6 water sampling points was established along the river Topolovska, Asenovgrad Municipality, flowing through protected area Chinar Dere. The sampling was seasonal, in conjunction with plant protection measures in the agricultural field around Chinar Dere. Samples were analysed using 16 parameters in accordance with Regulation N:7 of 08.08.1989 on quality norms of surface water. The amount of nitrogen (N-NO2 and N-NH4), phosphates and phosphorus, both in two times of sampling can be explained with unregulated storage of animal manure and domestic waste along the river. The runoff from these piles and from arable fields flows into the river Topolovska. [BG].