Ecological status of soils in the region of Topolovo village at the border with protected area Chinar Dere
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Author: Valcheva, Ekaterina; Popova, Rada; Popov, Vladislav
The soil types in the protected area Chinar Dere, the village of Topolovo, Municipality of Asenovgrad, were studied. Four soil samples from a depth of a 0 - 20 cm from different locations in the area - land under cereals, sunflower, vineyard, and natural meadows, were collected. The samples were analysed for humus content, soil structure, sorption capacity, pH in water and in KCL, and exchangeable acidity /H and AL/. On the basis of the conducted analyses, the soil types were classified as koluvium soils suitable for growing various vineyard cultivars and plums, cherries, sour cherries, walnuts, apricots, and peaches from the fruit cultivars. These soils types are also suitable for growing small-leaf tobacco, and raspberries in the high-altitude regions. In the case when the ground waters are closer to the surface, the soils are suitable for growing forage crops or can be used as meadows. [BG].