Istranca-Igneada longos forests and ecological damage
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Author: Korkut, Asli; Sisman, Elif; Etli, Bahar
Istranca-Igneada Longos Forests is one of the rare ecosystems of the world. There has been a great damage since 1990 by the implement of Istranca Streams Project of ISKI. The beds of seven streams of the region have been changed towards Lake Terkos within the frame of this project. The construction of Demirkoy Dam could be impered only by an expert report prepared by a team from Trakya University. However, its construction restart depending on the decision of Committee of Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Historical and Natural Properties of Edirne made in April 2004. The streams extending in the forest are the vital points of the Longos. Building a dam and changing the beds of the rivers will cause conserved by a project funded by World Bank. Within this paper ecosystems, ecological balance and its significance is given and the necessity of conservation of this land is pointed. [EN].