Statistical analyses of the influence of some soil herbicides on the vegetative development of seedling from Prunus Mahaleb L.
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Author: Ivanova, Irena; Rankova, Zarya
The influence of 4 soil herbicides - napropamid, pendimethalin, tarbacil and metolachlor, on three doses, over the vegetative development of seedlings from Prunus mahaleb L. was investigated. The investigated 12 variants, treated with herbicides, as well as the untreated control variant, were statistically evaluated and the average values and the variation of the indexes were pointed out - thickness in the area of grafting, shoot system and high of the plants. As a result from the ANOVA was statistically established the influence of the dose and herbicide on the three indexes. The grouping for each index is done on the base of the multiple comparison of the variants according to Dunkan`s method. [BG].