Herbicide efficiency of Izoxaflutol ( Merlin 750 WG) in young cherry orchards
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Author: Rankova, Zarya
During the period 2005/2006 in the Institute of fruit growing - Plovdiv, on alluvial-meadow soil was investigated the efficiency of three doses izoxaflutol - Merlin 750 WG on 15 species one yeas weeds which participate in the weed association in the midlines of young cherry orchards from the Van variety, from seedling of wild cherry. The investigated variants were as follows: 1. Control - untreated; 2. Merlin 750 VG - 6 g/da; 3. Merlin 750 VG - 8 g/da; 4. Merlin 750 VG - 10 g/da. The results show that the soil herbicides izoxaflutol in the three applied doses has good efficiency against all one yeas weeds in the midlines of the orchard. Ig higher dose of the herbicide is applied ( Merlin 750 VG - 10 g/da) the period ot its activeness is three months from the day of application. Merlin 750 VG - 10g/da can be applied for weed control in young cherry orchards in early spring at the very beginning of the vegetation. [BG].