Influence of water extracts from Tagetes and Calendula Officinalis against Meloidogyne arenaria
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Author: Al Body, Mazen; Mateeva, Antonia
The root-knot nematodes from Meloidogyne are important pests of the crops cultivated in greenhouses and an open area. During the last years, special care turns on the possibilities of finding and using alternative methods of pest control. The aim of the present investigation is to study in vitro the effect of five species Tagetes on them: T. erecta - variety Gold Kopfchen, T. hybrida - variety Florence, T. patula - variety Tangerine, T. erecta - variety Zitronen prinz and T. patula - variety Tina. On the base of the study it was established that the investigated water extracts from the cited above species reveal a nematotoxicity effect against young larvae of J2 M. arenia - from 88 % up to 100%.