Comparative analysis of the pathogenicy variation of different Fusarium soecies caused head blight on winter wheat
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Author: Kolev, Gospodin
Fusarium head blight is one of the most important plant disease caused by different species of genera Fusarium. The problem is to be attended more to it than with production down and worsening of grain quality, but there is the danger of harvest pollution with injurious to health mycotoxins. The most isolated Fusarium species from cereals are F. graminearum, F. Culmorum, F. avenaceum, F. poae, F. cerealis, F. equiseti and F. sporotrichioides. The role of the different Fusarium species for the epidemiology and pathogenicity is not clear. In the framework of the investigation was examined the pathogenicity variation trough inoculation of single spickeles of winter wheat. [BG].