Monitoring of economicaly important cherry diseases in organic orchard and development of alternative control system. I. In vitro test of fungicides for control of Monilia Laxa Sacc. & Vogl.
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Author: Baltas, Kostas; Karov, Stoycho
It has been tested in vitro some sulphur and cupper fungicides on conidia germination of Monilia laxa Sacc & Vogl. The purpose was to be chosen chemical compounds, suitable for control of cherry brown rot in an organic production system. It has been found out that Bordeaux mixture 2% and Lime sulfur 1:50 (2%) had very high inhibition coefficient of conidia germination, more than 99%. Next to them was the effect of colloidal sulphur (97%), prepared by 11 Lime sulphur and 50-60 g ferry sulphate per 1001 water. The effect of Bordeaux mixture 1% and Kocide DF 0,18% was not enough good. The coefficient of inhibition of conidia germination was 77-79%. Suggested control scheme involved Bordeaux mixture 2% for winter spray, Lime sulphur 1:50 - for preblossom spray and Colloidal sulphur - for post blossom treatments. [BG].