Monitoring of economicaly important cherry diseases in organic orchard and development of alternative control system. II. Monitoring and field trials for control of brown rot (Monilinia Laxa/Aderh. & Ruhl. / Honey)
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Author: Baltas, Kostas; Karov, Stoycho
A monitoring of cherry diseases has been done in the organic orchard of Agricultural University - Plovdiv during 2004 - 2006. The fungicide program included: winter spray with Bordeaux mixture 2% and 2-3 applications of colloidal sulphur, prepared by Lime sulphur and ferry sulphate ( Krastev et al., 1964). The results obtained showed that the brown rot (Monilinia laxa /Aderh. & Ruhl. /Honey) was the main disease problem in the organic cherry orchard. The syndrome blossom blight has not been developed during those three years, but fruit rot was 15-20% of the tested varieties - Stella, Bing, Van and Lambert. A very big part of infected fruits (mummies) remained in the crown until next season and was the main source of new fruit infections. That has been expressed obviously on Stella variety. [BG]