Weekend tourism in rural areas - fashion or necessity
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Author: Ivan Kilimperov
From the beginning of the new millennium life has become more and more dynamic and busy. People are forced to have more than one job to secure the necessary standard or the lifestyle they want. This inevitably affects vacation. Due to the lack of sufficient free time and/or financial means more and more people prefer shorter holidays. All this has given a new impetus to the development of weekend tourism. Bearing in mind another trend in the development of contemporary tourism – the demand for non-conventional tourist services that offer quietness, contact with nature, human communication, complete detachment from urban lifestyle, etc., it can be concluded that weekend tourism in rural areas will gain more and more popularity in Bulgaria. This is precisely the main purpose of this presentation – to examine the degree of popularity of weekend tourism in rural areas (considering the example of the city of Plovdiv) and to give an answer to the question: "What attitudes influence its development – the new attitudes in tourism or the need of a vacation?".

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