Patch faced Maritsa sheep - state and perpectivies of development
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Author: Dimov, Doytcho
The tendencies in a population of Patch-faced Maritsa sheep during last six years (2002-2006) has been analysed in this study. Population size under monitoring program has been increased from 250 to 955. The flocks under performance testing have been increased from 7 to 16. The tendency of lower milk yield in the herds has been established during last years (100,03 - 89,32 litres per ewe). Also, in some of the best herds, the farmers have gone on two-time lambing per year. In other herds, the farmers have got to later lamb weaning. The coefficient of prolificacy varies between 1.38 to 1.49, which indicates the middle level of this character. Due to enhanced of local sheep-breeders to keep Patch-faced Maritsa sheep it has been decreased risk of extinction of this local breed. [BG].