Characteristic of sheep from Karnobat local breed
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Author: Iliev, Margarit
With the aim to make characteristics of sheep from Karnobat local breed in the breeding flock of Institute of Agriculture - Karnobat a study was carried out with 1 072 ewes born in the period from 2000 to 2004. Traits live weight at weaning, at 18 months, at 2.5 years, fertility, milk yield, wool productivity, the length of wool and fineness were recorded. It was found that ewes feature with good for a local breed live weight. It varies from 20 kg to 26.2 kg at weaning, and at 18 months of age, it reached 41.1 kg to 44.9 kg. The fertility was in the bounds from 130.6 to 109.3%, and milk yield - from 41.2 to 52.6. The ewes from Karnobat local breed was kept as valued gene bank with original quality. [BG].