Productive traits in sheep of the breed mouton charolais imported from France
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Author: Laleva, Staika; Popova, Yovka; Slavova, Petia
The aim of this study was to follow the progress of adaptation of the breed MOuton Charolais in Bulgaria, with a view to utilising it for good quality lambs meat and for the purpose of pure and cross-breeding. The experimental animals were from the farm of the Institute of Agricultural Science - St. Zagora. They have been imported from France for the period 2003 - 2006 (4 imports) with conception at 7-10 months of age in France. Animals born in Bulgaria were, also, included in the analysis. The fertility and average daily gain up to 30-th day were studied. It was established that the fertility, live weight and average daily gain up to 30-th day were similar to those of the breed in France, which is an indicator of good adaptation under the conditions of our country. [BG].