Influence of some environmental factors on cryoresistance of spermatozoa of rams-ejaculated during a non-reproductive season
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Author: Hristev, H.; Nikolov, I.; Sabev, M.; Ivanova-Kicheva, M.; Stefanov, R.; Rashev, P.
Experiments for cryopreservation of ram`s sperm received in a non-reproductive season (April-May) have been conducted. There are to observe some differences regarding the biological indexes of the sperm. The same is to explain the influence of the ecological factors - temperature, the continuance of the luminous day, relative humidity. The ejaculates, got in non-reproductive season are characterised with non significant reduced cryoresistance of the spermatozoa. That is a base for successful cryopreservation of sheep`s genetic material out of reproductive season. [BG].