Influence of UV - irradiation on the appearance of apoptosis - binded marks of ram`s spermatozoa
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Author: Kukov, Al.; Daskalova, D.; Solenkova, E.; Ivanova-Kicheva, M.; Nikolov, I.; Sabev, M.; Hristev, H.
In-vitro investigations on the influence of UV - rays on the marks of apoptosis - manifestation on ram`s spermatozoa have been conducted. The apoptosis changes increase on 18.92±4.08 compare to 2.3±0.89 for the none rayed gametes. The DNA - fragmentation increase up to 5% for the spermatozoa and over 50% of the somatic cells. The authors suggest, that UV-rays provoke molecule remoulding in the DNA-structure and the other cell - organelles, led to negative changes of the gamete`s functions. [BG].