Behavior of phosphatidylserine from ram spermatozoa plasma membrane during in vitro induced apoptosis, capacitation and cryopreservation
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Author: Ivanova-Kicheva, Maria; Dimitrov, Alexander; Nikolov, Ivan; Sabev, Milko; Gerzilov, Vasko
Investigation of the behaviour of PS from PM and vitality of ram spermatozoa after in vitro induced apoptosis, capacitation and after freeze-thawing are made. It has been shown that the protection of spermatozoa in different conditions after ejaculation may include at the same time different changes in the biological parameters. Fresh and capacitated sperm cells preserve motility to the 5-th hour of incubation at 39°C, whereas the sperm cells motility decreased significantly after in vitro inducing apoptosis (p<0,05), and after freeze-thawing in comparison to the other two groups (p<0,001). It is determined that in fresh semen samples the percentage of sperm cells with PS scrambling is small (2,30 ± 0,89), while in another three groups this percentage increases significantly. Capacitated sperm cells showed PS scrambling at the apical area of the sperm plasma membrane, while in spermatozoa after induction of apoptosis the scrambling of PS is observed in mid piece. After freezing and thawing the PS externalization was manifested in the form of clusters and domains. [BG].