Chemical composition and physical-chemical properties of salty and calcic soils from valley Hadramaut - Republic of Yemen
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Author: Artinova, Nedyalka; Tomov, Toni
The problems related to salty soils from desert - steppe zone depend on Liman irrigation poor of minerals colloids of soil and evaporation type of water regime in this zone in a dry period of the year. The investigations related to nature of migration and accumulation of water dissolve slats in this soils have been made by following a dynamics of ions between two solutions - inside from composition of soil adsorption complex and outside water dissolve. It was established: 1. original distribution of the carbonate who form a maximum on the surface horizons on the irrigate soils mark a return motion from this of the salts. 2. at the same time with reducing of the activity alkaline, decrease the quantity of the exchangeable Na+, as a result of substitute for exchangeable Ca+, resultant from hydrolysis of gypsum. 3. agriculture utilize of the desert salty soils, lead to desaltion and de-alkalization of irrigation land and salty of the peripherial and low place. [BG].